About Tychon

| Reliable performance is just the starting point.

Tychon Group Pty Ltd is a professional services and recruitment company delivering end-to-end solutions in applied networking environments for industries with mission-critical operations.

Tychon Group and its subsidiaries provide professional services and best-of-breed products for companies that require solutions for mission-critical operational environments.

Tychon provides customers with an end-to-end service which includes:

  • Professional services and consulting to assist with technical decision making, improving productivity and ROI, and achieving compliance.
  • Engineering services for industrial network infrastructure design, implementation and support.
  • Maintenance and managed services for optimal operational performance.

Our markets | Industrial, facilities, or infrastructure based businesses.

For our customers, a compromised network is just not an option. We understand that network downtime, poor performance or other network problems can be extremely expensive and can result in lost productivity, security and safety issues, and compromise business compliance.

As a specialist provider in the area of industrial networking, our solutions support organisations with mission-critical operations that rely on real-time information and are often subject to unforgiving conditions. Our markets include:

  • Transportation: Roads, Rail, Airports.
  • Utilities: Power and Water.
  • Mining:  Campsite and Operations Facilities.
  • Construction: Building Facilities Management.

Our people | Experienced, knowledgeable, and always professional.

As a professional services and recruitment organisation, our people are our product.  From the company founders through to our engineers, our team has been hand-picked from the IT industry for their in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in designing, building and supporting networks in industrial environments. All our engineers are network certified and have specific expertise in networking, SCADA, CCTV, PLC and building management systems.

Our mix of permanent and contract staff means we can offer you the exact skill set required for your project. It also means we can scale up and down in accordance to project lifecycles.

Hitting the Mark | Tychon Recruitment.

A skilled recruitment consultant is capable of filling open positions with just the right professional.

It is equally important that the consultant have a keen sense for linking a specialist or manager with the optimal role in a suitable corporate environment.
Only then is he able to hit the mark with reliability when it comes to recommending candidates to a client.

The specialized focus of our consultants benefits our clients and our candidates.

Working together with the client, we define a precise search objective and job profile which serve as the basis for our systematic approach to the candidate pool. We apply our many years of experience and keen sense for personal competencies to locate the best specialists and managers for you. We do so rapidly, purposefully avoiding unnecessary beaurocracy and complicated processes.

How we Recruit

All of the Tychon Recuitment consultants possess relevant industry know-how and utilize the best methods and tools in the process of conducting a holistic assessment of the candidates.

These methods and tools include a customized structured interview which is developed on the basis of the criteria defined in collaboration with the client. As independently operating consultants we perform the pre-selection, creating a short-list of candidates who fulfill the objective criteria. In this context we carefully consider each candidate’s career development, concrete experience, professional qualifications and the quality of the application documents.

In determining the candidate’s aptitude we utilize only those methods that are legally compliant and accepted by all parties.