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Our solutions | Network know-how.

Based on years of experience and specialist knowledge in industrial networking, our solutions support organisations in a number of ways:

  • Minimise downtime of production/plant networks.
  • Optimise the performance of your networks and infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs associated with network implementation and maintenance.
  • Maximise your plant capabilities and use your resources more effectively.
  • Meet requisite standards and compliance obligations.
  • Support corporate decision-making
  • Protect your investment against technology creep

Importantly, our solutions support specialised operational control and monitoring applications relevant to the industrial market including SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems; PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems; CCTV (Closed Circuit TV); Building Management Systems; and Telemetry Systems.

The Tychon team works with your engineers, IT Managers, and other key stakeholders to determine the most suitable solution to meet your individual business needs. Our core service offerings are described below.

Network consolidation

Many organisations find that as their operations grow their IT networks also grow; but this can be at the expense of reliability and efficiency. Tychon specialise in consolidating disparate networks into a single, manageable IP platform to ensure all operational applications are supported by a robust and high performing network.

Network design

Tychon has the network design expertise to plan your network infrastructure to suit your needs.  Our network architects will take into account your operating environment, current and future systems and applications, as well as security and compliance requirements to design a network that provides a high performing and reliable platform.

Implementation and commissioning

Using proven project methodology, Tychon will undertake the design, staging, testing, migration, cut-over and post go-live support phases in conjunction with your management and technical teams.

Performance and security audits

Tychon’s engineers will assess your current network against industry best practice using sophisticated network monitoring tools and techniques. A gap analysis will be performed to provide you with a clear understanding of your “as is” and “to be” states as well as recommendations to get there.

Network operation and management

Not all organisations have or want the in-house skills to manage their network for optimal performance. Tychon offers a range a support services that allow you to tailor the level of management you need to keep your operations running.

Vendor and contract management

Tychon has years of experience in managing support contracts with your networking vendors.  These contracts can be complex to the point where it is difficult to know if you have enough (or too much) support and warranty coverage.  Tychon will manage all support contracts for all network devices in your organisation, saving you time and money along the way.

Network Management Software (NMS) through Opmantek

Networks today are very complex structures consisting of a multitude of components with deep inter and intra relationships.

Effective delivery of Network Management Services (NMS) is only possible when the NMS provides tight integration of all network related objects and maintenance of relationships between the objects.

Opmantek NMIS has been developed to meet these challenges.

NMIS is an Enterprise and Telco grade network management system that not only meets all above criteria but exceeds them by being very affordable, highly automated system.

This results in configuration and maintenance effort reduced to bare minimum.

Opmantek publishes Network Management Information System (NMIS). NMIS is used by over 20000 organizations globally and can be downloaded free.